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What is a Fiduciary? A Fiduciary serving as a Personal Wealth Manager, or Advisor, is one that is required to learn the specific needs and goals of their client and manage their finances to meet those goals and desires.  They are legally bound to always act ethically and in the best interest of their clients.




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Your retirement lifestyle is too important to risk.  After all, RETIREMENT SHOULD SPELL FREEDOM!  Please watch this short video from 60 Minutes highlighting how your 401k might be at risk.


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We can’t really thank you enough.  You caught us and advised us as we were retiring, and your advice saved us from a huge market loss that we would have suffered at the worst possible time.  We consider you our friend, and though we are moving, you are not getting rid of us that easily!  We will be back here regularly to visit with family, and will take every opportunity to see you, and stay connected.  Thank you for everything.  We value you and appreciate you very much.
Barry & Mel

I want to Thank you, for being true to me and my husband. The day I met you, I told you there was a reason I got your information. It was meant to be.  You have not let me down. I know life has given us (you & I ) come bump in our live but I think the reason was to guide us to this point.

I am glad we have not lost our retirement. We have lost some of the dreams but there was a reason for that too… Two beautiful granddaughter that we need to be here for.

Life is works in mysterious ways. We have to keep faith hope love in our lives.

The Sundays



Retirement Should Spell Freedom

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