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  Medicare Education Center of America: M.E.C.A.

Medicare Education Center of America, M.E.C.A., is a non-governmental agency and an important division of Wealth Protection Partners.  M.E.C.A. provides important and unbiased education to those turning 65 or going onto Medicare for the first time.   We are also able to assist those already on Medicare who need to change their plan for any reason.
In a free, educational, personalized consultation, you will be paired with a Medicare Specialist from our team. 
Our specialists are unbiased and highly trained in all aspects of Medicare.  They will be able to explain the many complicated parts of Medicare to you, in a simple-to-understand format.  In your free consultation, they will also help you to understand the different types of Medicare-based health plans you can choose from, break down the benefits, costs, and even assist you in enrolling in the plan of your choice.  Our specialists will also cover important details like making sure the prescription drugs you take are covered…  and covered at the best possible cost.  
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