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Unravel the mystery of Medicare

Medicare can seem like Medi-SCARE!  Sooooo much jargon.  For example, there’s Medicare A, B, C, D, plans F, G, N, A, and C…  Advantage Plans, HMO’s, PPO’s, PFFS’s, MAPD’s, PDP’s, MediGap’s and lot’s more.  What?   How is anyone supposed to understand all this?  Get enrolled in our free online or in-person call:  Unraveling The Mystery of Medicare… that’s how!   Let a skilled, Medicare Advocate, work for you, and help you gain a clear understanding of what Medicare can do for you and how to use it.   Our advocates also have access to all the top plans in your area, and once you have received education on how to chose the best plan for you, they can help you seamlessly enroll in the plan of your choice.
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Remember, If you have worked 40 quarters in the United States or are married to someone who has, you are entitled to Medicare parts A and B at age 65, or if you have been on disability for at least 24 months.  (If you are leaving a group healthcare plan, exceptions also apply.)
You must activate your Medicare A and B, by contacting the Social Security Administration at:  800- 772-1213, or going online to:  (be careful to enter the URL directly into your browser and do not search it, to better prevent fraud.)


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